The types of ayurvedic diet as per the doshas

With the number of people suffering from obesity and diseases increasing by leaps and bounds, Ayurvedic diet provides a good respite to all. It is an ancient form of medicine originated in India and is now being followed worldwide, thanks to its many benefits. In this type of a diet, people are divided into types depending on their age, gender, constitution (dosha) and the season. The most significant part is to attain a balance in the body as per the type of dosha so that a healthy body and mind... Read The Rest →

Understanding the Stone Age diet

Ayurveda which has been a part of ancient Indian history for so long is also the birthplace of the Stone Age diet. The name suggests diet beliefs that take their roots from ancient beliefs that concerned the consumption of food. It is interesting to know that some of these concepts haven’t changed even a bit and, even today remain to be strong sources for inspiration. Age In order to understand what this Stone Age diet entails, you have to first focus on what Ayurveda preaches in order to help individuals... Read The Rest →

Choosing the best garcinia cambogia for fat loss

Are you obese? No time for exercise? With a plethora of natural diet supplements in this world, that should not be a problem. By choosing the best garcinia cambogia for fat loss, you not only shed excess weight but also put your health back on the right track. This tiny tamarind like fruit is found in tropical Asia and is known to possess fat burning enzymes. Within a short of period of consuming the garcinia cambogia fruit, you will lose a great deal of weight and stay slim no matter... Read The Rest →

Ayurvedic foods

Here is a list of the types of food that should be included in an ayurvedix diet, along with other important principles of ayurvedic diet Ayurvedic healing foods View more documents from Divine Wellness

Stress Management The Ayurvedic Way

Here is a very good and comprehensive presentation about how to manage wuth stress the ayurvedic way. The presentation was edited by Dr.Gaurang Joshi and Dr. Bhavna Joshi, Medical Directors of the Atharva Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital Stress management the Ayurvedic way View more presentations from Dr Gaurang Joshi

Ayurvedic Diet for Health

Dr. John Douillard, a well known ayurveda specialist, explains how to use food with ayurveda for the perfect ayurvedic diet. Watch this video, if you like it you can search his channel on youtube when you’ll find more valuable information.

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